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Papus's Divinatory Meanings

The significance ascribed to the cards by Papus.

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King of Clubs

A dark man. A friend. Generally married. The father of a family.

Queen of Clubs

Dark woman. A friend. A serious person. A very good counsellor. The mother of a family.

Page of Clubs

A dark child. A friend. Also represents a message or letter from a near relation.

Three of Clubs

Realization of the commencement of an enterprise. The basis of the work is now definitely established, and the undertaking can be fearlessly continued.

King of Cups

A fair man. A friend. A barrister, judge, or ecclesiastic. A bachelor.

Two of Cups

Opposition. Unimportant obstacles raised by one of the lovers.

King of Swords

Dark bad man. A soldier, an enemy, or one to be mistrusted.

Ace of Coins

Commencement of good fortune. Inheritance. Gifts. Economy.

Two of Coins

Difficulty in getting inheritance or good fortune.

The Sun

Material Happiness. Lucky Marriage.