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Evolution of the Suits

This page shows the evolution of playing card and tarot card suits over time and geography. The suits began with denominations of Chinese currency, and progressed through multiple misinterpretations, as a result of cultural differences and vague, illegible printing techniques.

  Coins Wands Swords Cups
Ancient Analog Square Holed Coin (1)Square Holed Coin (1) Strings of Coins (100)Strings of Coins (100)   Myriads of Coins (10,000)Myriads of Coins (10,000)
Chinese Suits coinscoins stringsstrings Some later decks include a fourth suit, either 1000 cash or 100,000 cash. myriadsmyriads
Persian Suits discs, suns, or coinsdiscs, suns, or coins wands, sticks, torches, polo stickswands, sticks, torches, polo sticks swordsswords Other suits include slaves, harps, fans, shells, and crowns
Indian Suits silver coinssilver coins slavesslaves swordsswords crownsharps
  gold coinsgold coins writswrits goodsgoods crownscrowns
Mamluk Suits Ace of Coinscoins 3 of Polo Stickspolo sticks 9 of Swordsswords Two of Myriadsmyriads
Moorish Suits Ace of Coinscoins Ace of Polo Stickspolo sticks Ace of Swordsswords Ace of Myriadsmyriads
Latin Suits Ace of Coinscoins Ace of Wandswands Ace of Swordsswords Ace of Cupscups
German Suits King of Bellsbells Unter of Acornsacorns King of Leavesleaves Ober of Heartshearts
French Suits Queen of Diamondsdiamonds Queen of Clubsclubs Knave of Spadesspades King of Heartshearts

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