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Double Grasshopper

Double Grasshopper Tarot Solitaire in PySolFC
Double Grasshopper Tarot Solitaire in PySolFC
 Tarock type. 2 deck. 1 redeal.


Move all cards to the foundations.


The tableau consists of one reserve stack, two Trumps only row stacks, and nine row stacks. Twenty-eight cards are dealt to the reserve stack and one card each to the row stacks. When a row stack is emptied it must be filled from the reserve stack first. When the reserve stack is empty any card can be played on an empty row stack. The Trumps only stacks are left empty and can be played on at will. The row stacks build down in rank by alternate colors. The Trumps can be played as either color. The Trumps only row stacks also build down in rank. They will accept a stack of cards that contains suit cards as long as the bottom card is a Trump. The foundations build up in rank by suit.


With skillful play and a bit of luck it’s possible to sweep this one without needing the redeal. The first priority is to empty the reserve stack. Once that’s done try to keep one or more row stacks open. Play high rank cards on the rows and build down on them. The same goes for the Trumps only rows.


The rules for this game were pulled from the documentation for PySolFC, which is a free program released under GPL.

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