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Tarot Game Rules

Despite what you may have heard, tarot cards were not the original playing cards. They were, however, originally used for playing card games. Here are some of the games that are played with tarot cards.

Tarot Game Books

Tarot Gaming Software

The Vassal Game Engine, which is available for Mac as well as PC, has two downloadableTarot Card modules that will let you play Tarok or any other Tarot based game. One of the modules is based on cards from Trionfi, and the other with rules from Pagat.

Another great way to play with Tarot cards is to download PySol, which is free and runs on Mac, PC, and Linux, and which has over a dozen Tarot-based solitaire games. Did you know? Solitaire was originally invented as a light form of divination, or a kind of luck meter.

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