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Mme. Le Normand's Divinatory Meanings

As reported by Mrs. John King Van Rensselaer in 1912.

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King of Spades

Great happiness. A journey. A voyage on business. A happy life.

Ten of Spades

Inherited wealth. Business. Fortune. Journey on account of business. Travel.

Nine of Spades

Successful voyages. Commercial enterprises. Faithfulness. Illusions. Flirtations.

Eight of Spades

Social position. Constant love. Unimportant position. Bad companions.

King of Clubs

Trouble. Happiness. Disaster to friends. Good news of friends.

Jack of Clubs

Discord in family. Unhappiness between lovers. Illness. Protracted sufferings.

Ten of Clubs

Happiness. Indifference. Trouble from outsiders. Slander.

Eight of Clubs

Friendship. Faithful lover. Powerful enemy. Enemy overcome.

Six of Clubs

Disagreeable news. Slight trouble. Bad news. Trouble for friends.

Ace of Clubs

Engagement. Happy marriage and riches. Broken engagement. Separation of lovers.

Eight of Diamonds

Invitations. A love affair. Pleasure for the beloved. A love affair in the family.