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Review of Silver Witchcraft Tarot

Silver Witchcraft Tarot

The Silver Witchcraft Tarot deck uses an interesting tactic in the organization of its pip cards; each of the ten numerals in the pip cards relates to the traditional eight pagan holidays. With 1 representing the self, 10 representing the universe, and the numbers in between representing the eight holidays beginning with Yule.

The cards in the Silver Witchcraft Tarot do not follow a typical tarot pattern such as Marseille or Rider Waite. Instead, the scenes illustrating each of the pip cards, face cards, and even the trumps seem to be unique to this deck. The suits each have their own theme: Chalices show the moon in all its phases; Pentacles show pentacles, Wands show animal familiars such as cats, dogs, and lizards, and Swords show Athames.

This gorgeous deck is egalitarian, featuring people of color, people of all ages, and female Pages. The imagery is beautifully painted, far more vivid and varied than the sedate imagery on the box would suggest. I can feel the charge of magic and inspiration flowing through me as I hold the deck, and I think it is largely coming from a hunch that this deck would depict the fullness of life very effectively.

The metaphors and symbolism suggested by each individual card seem tailored to the taste and experiences of pagans, perhaps especially Wiccans. The triple goddess symbol is used throughout the deck, both in its imagery and in the features that all cards share, covering the width of the back and also appearing in miniature at the separation of each card's scene from its designation and suit. Chalices, pentacles, and athames appear frequently. The cards also feature magical creatures, such as gnomes, faeries, and sprites.

The accompanying booklet includes English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German, but the designations and suits on the cards are written in English. A unique 5-card tarot spread called "The Sabbat Spread" is included, with instructions that indicate it is meant to be read for any of the sabbats of the pagan calendar.

The images in this deck are copyright © 2014 Lo Scarabeo.

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modern, witchcraft, paganism, wicca, triple goddess, sabbats
Lo Scarabeo
Franco Rivolli
Barbara Moore
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Loren Lundgren


modern, witchcraft, paganism, wicca, triple goddess, sabbats