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Review of Everyday Witch Tarot

Everyday Witch Tarot

With text by Deborah Blake, author of a number of books including Everyday Witchcraft, the Everyday Witch Tarot features whimsical, cartoon-like drawings of characters similar to, but not entirely matching, the Rider Waite tarot pattern. Some of the cards match the scenes in the Rider Waite deck, some do not. The Chariot, for example, features a pointy-capped witch on a motorcycle, with a cat riding in the sidecar.

The art is fun and beautiful, resembling comics and depicting a wide variety of modern situations in which a witch might find herself. This deck seems to be charged with a sense of humor, and a good representation of the scope of emotions humans have. The characters in the deck have a very realistic appearance, in the sense that they look like portraits of actual people; individuals with their own quirks rather than bland, average-looking characters. Cats, brooms, cauldrons, and other witchy symbols appear frequently. Except in scenes with crowds, the characters are almost all witches, complete with pointy caps and striped stockings. There are a few male witches present in the deck, but it features women more prominently and for that reason I would tend to think that the Everyday Witchcraft Tarot would appeal more to a female audience.

The accompanying materials with the Everyday Witchcraft Tarot are in every way ideal; the box is durable and features a magnetic closing flap, so that opening the deck feels like opening some new and expensive technological gadget.  The cards are significantly smaller than the box (which is sized for the book), and sit inside a little recess built for them, with a satin ribbon to help lift them out.

The book is a real book, not a booklet. It is printed in English only, and features full-color illustrations of each card alongside its meaning, all on beautiful glossy paper. For each card, after the illustration and the meanings there is a "Notes" page so you can record your own impressions and experiences with that card. It includes a terrific and yet magically brief introduction to tarot cards in general, including some very useful information for beginners, such how to use tarot cards as well as some spells to use with tarot cards. It includes three common spreads: a 1-card spread, a 3-card spread, and the Celtic Cross spread.

The images in this deck are copyright © 2017 Llewellyn Worldwide.

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friendly, 2010s, witchcraft, witches, cartoon style
Elisabeth Alba
Deborah Blake
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Loren Lundgren


friendly, 2010s, witchcraft, witches, cartoon style