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How to make your own tarot deck

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I've been thinking about how to make my own tarot deck, and I figure it can't be too terribly hard to do via collage, although it would be incredibly time consuming. That doesn't scare me off because most of the crafts that I do are designed to be time consuming, and this activity seems like it would be deeply cathartic on a spiritual and creative level.

A gorgeous deck of this type was produced by LittleDeadGirl and released free to the public: Cool Tarot by LittleDeadGirl. It can be printed from her website but is also included here for you to use, and I'm sure she would approve of us using her idea to make our own decks.

If you were to use collage materials, photos, and scrapbooking materials like cardstock and stickers, you could just make up the deck as you go along. The important thing is to find a way to standardize.

Any thoughts? Have you ever created your own tarot deck? Any advice for the rest of us?