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Ace of Hearts Art and Meaning

Old Fashioned Deck (Grimaud Playing Card Deck with Mother Shipton's Advice)

About the Deck

Mother Shipton's Old-Fashioned Advice with Grimaud Old-Fashioned Playing Cards. Digital Playing Cards with French suits, and the advice from an old fortune telling book. Both were printed in 1890.


Grimaud & Shipton, 1890.

Meaning of Ace of Hearts from the Old Fashioned Deck (Grimaud Playing Card Deck with Mother Shipton's Advice) Deck

Signifies merrymaking, feasting, and good humor; if the ace be attended by spades, it foretells quarreling in your cups, and ill-temper to your family while you are in a state of intoxication; if by hearts, it shows cordiality and affection between the parties; if by diamonds, your feast will be from home, perhaps in the country; if by clubs, the occasion of the meeting will be upon some bargain or agreement; if your ace of hearts is in the neighborhood of face cards of both sexes, with clubs near it, it will be about a match-making; if all the face cards are kings or knaves, or both, it will concern the buying or selling of some personal property; if all queens, it will regard conciliation between parties, and if queens and knaves, it will be about the reconciliation and reunion of a married couple.

According to Many Schools of Thought

Papus's Divinatory Meanings

Commencement of a love affair.

A. E. Waite's Secondary Meanings


Inflexible will, unalterable law.


Unexpected change of position.

Mme. Le Normand's Divinatory Meanings

The inquirer, if male.

S. L. MacGregor Mathers's Divinatory Meanings


Feasting, Banquet, Good Cheer


Change, Novelty, Metamorphosis, Inconstancy.

P.R.S. Foli's Divinatory Meanings


A love letter, good news


a removal or a visit from a friend.

Mme. Le Marchand's Divinatory Meanings

signifies ardent love; eternal fidelity