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Cary-Yale Visconti Tarocchi Deck

08/04/2012 at 11:50 AM

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The first thing that struck me upon opening this box was the sheer size of the cards. The box is no deception; that's really the size of the cards. At first I was impressed, but then I started thinking about shuffling and laying out the cards for a reading, and I have to say I'm a little dubious that they would of very much utility for everyday use.


Pierpont Morgan Visconti Sforza Tarocchi Deck

08/04/2012 at 11:50 AM

Tags medieval 15th century reviews

As with the Cary Yale deck, I have concerns about how usable the cards are just because of their sheer size, but again ? as a collector's piece it is exquisite. The images are very high resolution, better than anything you'll find anywhere on the internet. The backs are entirely plain, again. The Pierpont Morgan deck originally contained 78 cards, and of these 74 are remaining. US Games has recreated the other 4 cards in order to make a functional deck. These have not been executed with the same level of skill that was possessed by the master who originally painted the deck, but they are nonetheless beautiful in their own right. The documentation that comes with the set is extensive for such a small booklet; each card is pictured, described, and assigned a divinatory meaning.