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Queen of Tarot has many tarot decks, tarot layouts (also called tarot spreads or cartomancy spreads), and schools of thought about tarot to choose from. Whether you are researching online for information about the history or appearance of tarot cards, you want a free online tarot reading with your choice of decks and layouts and supplemental interpretations, or you just want to play a game of tarot solitaire online — Queen of Tarot has you covered.

Much of what so-called tarot experts have said about the history of tarot cards is based on bad scholarship and has no historical basis. For example: there is nothing Egyptian about most tarot decks. Court de Gebelin made that up.

To learn about the history of tarot online, I recommend starting with the Evolution of the Suits, which shows how we ended up with the tarot and playing card suits we have today. The next stop in your online tarot journey might be the Timeline of Tarot Related Events, so you can see how the history of tarot cards has played out over time. The History of Tarot section contains a wealth of information about the details of the development of tarot cards as they are today.

If you want to study the art of tarot online, you have a choice of how you want the tarot art organized: You can view all our tarot decks, filter down through tarot decks organized by structure, or peruse tarot cards from all tarot decks together, organized by their suit and numerical designation.

Or, you can just generate a free tarot reading.

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